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God Sends Us in Mission – RESCHEDULED!!

This is our 5th event in our Renewing Liturgy series where we have looked at the four parts of the eucharistic liturgy.

September 28, 2019 

What does the final act of the Sunday Eucharist – the Sending or Dismissal – actually do?  Is it a time for announcements and other things that wouldn’t fit into the Word or Sacrament?  Or does it simply signal the end of the ritual?

This conference will help to restore the Sending as an essential act in our Eucharistic Celebration, an act with the potential to reveal the deeper meaning which the Eucharist has for the rest of the world.

To register and pay, go to  The cost is $35 per person with a special rate of $125 for a parish team of up to 5 people.  Students are $25.  Lunch is included!

Where:  All Saints Lutheran Anglican Church in Guelph

John Hill, Plenary – Redeeming the Time: Eucharist and the Recovery of Mission.
What does the final act of the Sunday Eucharist — the Sending — actually do?  Is it a time for announcements, or for whatever else does not fit in the Word or the Meal?  What does the Sending signify — beyond just the ending of the service?

Nancy Kelly – Take Off Your Shoes
In this workshop, participants will experiment with mapping the places we are sent. Holy ground, where God already is.

James Brown – The Last Shall Be First
Understanding the Sending or Dismissal as the culmination of the liturgical action in both the Holy Communion and services of the Word, James Brown will help participants in this workshop consider how to focus the homily, hymns, and prayers through the lens of the last words of worship.