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Liturgy and the Only Show in Town – Marion Jenkins

After 12 years in a small, northern, and somewhat remote, community, and lots of time to ponder, I’ve learned that when you are the “only show in town” for Anglicans, worship planning has many challenges not found in city parishes. In a city you can shop around for a parish that speaks to your soul, […]

What Makes Worship Lutheran?

by the Rev’d Paul Bosch I’ve been challenged by Anglican friends in recent days by the question in my title. How can you tell when liturgy is authentically “Lutheran”? Put in other ways: Are there distinctive qualities in Christian worship that can be identified as Lutheran? What constitutes a Lutheran liturgy? Is there anything at […]

Lessons, Readings and the Presence of Christ

by Margaret Bick   I can’t remember how old I was when I first heard the phrase “a service of lessons and carols.” I know it wasn’t a part of my childhood. When I did bump into it, I pictured in my mind’s eye a series of brief educational lectures on Christmas themes punctuated by […]

Catholics and Lutherans at 500: Ecclesia semper reformanda by James Frederick Brown

On October 31, 2016, Reformation Day, a two-part event in Lund and Malmö, Sweden, calling together both Roman Catholics and Lutherans, signalled the beginning of a year-long global commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. Podcasts of both the Common Prayer service at St. Lawrence Cathedral, Lund, and the subsequent gathering, Together in […]

Idol Factories – by Paul Bosch

“The human mind is an idol factory.”  The sentiment is from John Calvin, the great  reformer.  I recalled his words as I composed my thoughts for this blog. My original title for this piece was to be something like this: “Frontiers in Liturgy.”  Calvin’s pithy quote seemed more attention-grabbing.  But “Frontiers…” is indeed what I […]

Lost in the Forest, Part III

General Synod 2016 & The Liturgy Task Force Lost in the Forest Part III Introduction Now that General Synod 2016 has come to an end, it is important to note two of the resolutions of General Synod that did not make the CBC national news and other news outlets. Resolution A 142 encourages ‘the work […]

Lost in the Forest, Part II

General Synod & The Liturgy Task Force:  Lost in the Forest Part II Introduction As I mentioned in my first blog on the work of the Liturgy Task Force, we were able to identify quickly the projects we wanted to address during the five years before us. But, as so often happens, we were not […]

Lost in the Forest, Part I

General Synod 2016 & The Liturgy Task Force Lost in the Forest Part 1 As General Synod 2016 meets in Toronto, human sexuality has once again claimed the headlines. The revision of Canon XXI is something I dearly desire and, while I was on Faith, Worship and Ministry, I served as a member of a […]