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Worship for Grown-Ups: Growing up into Christ

By Paul Bosch   Item: Several years ago, CBC Radio Two caused a nationwide uproar in Canada by changing the format of its venerable daily broadcast from twenty-four-hour-a-day classical music to “…a more youth-oriented play list.” I suppose the decision was motivated by demographic considerations, although CBC 2 has never aired commercials. In any case, […]

Want Millennials Back in the Pews?

The term “Millennials” refers to those born from the early 1980s to the 2000’s. This generation is hard to define in most ways save one: They are not very religious. According to a Huffington Post survey of Canadian millennials, 51% of respondents said they had NEVER attended a religious institution, and only 12% said they […]

Do We Need New Creeds?

The Church of England and The Episcopal Church have recently authorized a number of alternative ‘affirmations of faith’ for use in worship.  Some of these ‘affirmations’ are biblical texts, and some are fresh attempts to restate the Christian faith (though they cannot claim to be ‘ecumenical creeds’). So what exactly is our current need for […]